World through the camera lens.

Bananas from Maja Rabasovic on Vimeo.

This time lapse took close to a month to finish. I had gone to a local grocery store where they always had bananas that were completely green, which is exactly what I needed for this project. My goal was to set up the shot and program the camera to snap a picture every 15 minutes. My expectation was that it would take the banana 7 to 10 days max to completely ripen, and boy was I wrong. Turns out these are some sort of “cooking” bananas. No, not plantains, bananas. And they took close to four weeks to go from completely green to what you see in the video.

You’ll notice a lot of flickering light in the video. This is due to my inability to block a lot of the outside light (due to lack of space, etc.), which was always changing.

The frame also shifts every once in a while and that is because, after the first few days, I had to take the battery out and charge it. I had to do this on a daily basis, because I could only do it in 12-13 minute increments. I was as careful as I could be to not move the tripod, but alas…still an amateur.


Snowfall 2013 from Maja Rabasovic on Vimeo.

This is my very first time lapse video. I made it in mid February of this year, during our biggest snow fall of the year (here in Toronto). Enjoy! All feedback is welcome and appreciated. :)

+ high-res version

Rome Cats

In Rome there is a colony of feral cats that live in unearthed ruins, Torre Argentina, the place Julius Caesar was killed. These photos were taken at night.


+ high-res version

Zombies in Colour

Toronto’s annual Zombie Walk happened this past Saturday. In the past it always kind of snuck up on me and I missed the opportunity to go photograph the event. These are a few of my favourites pictures from the walk.